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Benefits of working on campus

So you're needing a job but you're not sure where to look. Well why not look right here at UVU? Below are just a few of the benefits you can receive:

Student jobs give you:
no commuteflexible with time schedule (aka they understand you're a student)You know what is happening on campus Part time jobs give you 3 credits per semesterkeep your job when you graduatemore ability to work during the summer
Sounds pretty good so far right? So the question now is what are the different job types offered at UVU and what is best you?.

Lets help clear things up:
Student Jobs To qualify as a student employee at UVU, you must be currently enrolled as a student. Student employees are allowed one semester break immediately following two consecutive semesters of attendance. For example, if you attend both Fall and Spring semesters you could take a summer semester enrollment break and still qualify for a student position. Student employees may work up to 28 hours per week. International student…

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