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Google Doodle and the Quantum what?

If you've seen the google doodle today honoring  Max Born you may give it a quick glance before seeing graphs, lines, weird symbols and ultimately......Math. There's no need to be frightened! This is such a great example for how you can use Math to create awesome things that you use on the daily. Today you get to discover one of the answers to the question you've asked all growing up in your Math classes "but when will I use this in real life?".

Thanks to the strides made by Max Born and Quantum Mechanics (which involves lots of Math) we can have the following:

Atomic ClocksComputers and SmartphonesLasers and telecommunicationsGPSMagnetic Resonance Imaging Uncrackable codes (cryptography)   Math can seem daunting but once you get to know him a little better you realize math is actually a super cool guy! When considering which major to choose, be sure to keep math in the loop.
If this is exactly what you want to do but you're looking for some help to get there…

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